The Ad Labyrinth Empire is growing steadily. To date, the main Admin is Chery Gardner.
She has one full time life and business partner, Rickey Gardner, who assists with all the sites.

Cheryl partnered with Daniel Baxter in the Ads Infantry Network, where she manages about 50 of his sites.
They have forged a partnership with 12 sites that will launch over the next year beginning in May 2021.

Cheryl partnered with George Culp, owner of his own great sites.
Together, they run 3 traffic exchanges which are listed on the Network Sites Page.

Partner information pages and links are in our future plans so check back from time to time to see what is new.

After making payment for any purchases,email .
Email Cheryl if you have any questions at the same email address above.
A support system is currently being set up on all of our sites.